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I haven’t been a vendor at homeschool conventions since the early 1990s when my family worked for Lifetime Books and Gifts.

But this year, I felt the Lord leading me to go back to where I started from to share what He has been teaching me about training young people to be entrepreneurial.

So I’ve been speaking at Brennan Dean’s wonderful Great Homeschool Conventions across the country and a few others in the Southeast.

At the very first convention in Greenville, SC, I ran into lots of old friends and met several new ones.

One of them was a young man named Avery Notgrass.

Back in the ’90s when we worked for Lifetime, I knew his grandparents, Ray and Charlene, who still today provide wonderful resources through the Notgrass Company.

Through the years, I had the privilege of watching their son John grow up. In fact, I’m reading his book, Make It Your Ambition, right now. It’s so wonderful to see the homeschooled kids you watched working beside their families grow up to have families of their own and continue to serve God.

Well, at the SC show, my booth was across the aisle from The Notgrass Company so I had the pleasure of meeting John’s wife Audra and his sister.

And I got to know Mr. Avery Notgrass who ruled the aisle with his charm and smile as he toddled curiously from booth to booth.

Once when he came to see me, I gave him a bottle of water which he promptly took back to his mom to open.

He was the favorite attraction on our aisle…. mainly because he was about 14 months old and exploring a whole new world.

But something happened, as often does in this world.

After three trips to the hospital for sickness, an abdominal infection overwhelmed his immune system which led to cardiac arrest.

My new Best Friend died on June 2.

He was only 16 months old.

I usually take things like this better.

After all, I’ve lost 3 babies and my dear husband of 33 years.

But I have cried about this all morning. I know Mr. Avery is with Jesus and is now being raised by angels. He is in a better place even though he didn’t get to know this one very well.

I have grieved for his family ever since I read the news. I can’t even imagine how they feel.

Audra is expecting another baby in July. As my family is patiently awaiting the arrival of Drew’s fourth baby any day now, I can only imagine what she is going through.

All anyone can do now is pray.

So here’s what I really want to say to you.

You never know what a day will hold. Life is too short to hold grudges against others, no matter what they’ve done to you.

You never know when your time here is up and you will be called into eternity.

Yes, you will live forever. You are an eternal being. There is life after death.

You will either live in Heaven with God if you know Jesus or you will live with His enemy in Hell.

Despite what anyone has told you, those are your only choices.

If you don’t know Jesus but want to learn more, email me and I’ll call you. Just hit Reply and send your info, including time zone.

All of the home business projects in the world don’t make a bit of difference in your life if you lose everything in the end.

Without Jesus, everything else is futile.

If there was anything I could do to help Mr. Avery now, I would do it. But it’s too late. My friend is gone.

If there is someone in your life who needs a hug or a good word, stop what you are doing right now and pick up the phone. Call them. Send them an email. Tell them what they need to hear, even if it is a struggle for you. Ask God to give you the words and the right attitude.

You never know what the day may hold.

Thank God for whatever it brings.

Blessings to you.

So many books, so little time…

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