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If you thought you missed my call with Chris Verhaegh last Tuesday night, here’s good news!

Since Chris was unexpectedly unable to join us, we rescheduled the call for this Tuesday night, May 9 at 8 PM Eastern Time!

So don’t miss this chance to learn about how he taught my son Drew to think entrepreneurially and about stock market options.

The call will be full tomorrow night so call in early to make sure you get a line.

To register for this call, just visit and enter your email address.

In case you missed the email I sent last week about Chris, I’ve included it here for you to read again.

Chris Verhaegh of Nampa, Idaho changed our life when he mentored my son Drew about 10 years ago. Because of his influence, Drew created a passive income that allowed my husband to come home from corporate America.

My husband came home just about the time his bed-ridden dad came to live with us and needed extra attention. So until this past March when my father-in-law died, my husband was able to focus on caring for him 24/7.

THAT is what financial freedom allows you to do.

And THAT is what I want for you!

Here’s a note about what Drew has to say about what Chris did for our family:

How Chris Verhaegh Taught Me to Think By Drew Perry

When I was 14 years old, I flew to Boise, Idaho to spend a month with Chris Verhaegh. That was a month that changed my life.

While I was there, Chris took me to about a hundred different places and each one had a lesson of its own.

He taught me lessons at a motocross race, coin shops, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, auto body shops, a grocery store, and in his airplane hangar. We visited hangars in his neighbors’ backyards where I met mechanics that built their own ultra-light airplanes.

Each one had at least one lesson to learn.

Here’s just one example.

One day he took me to a landscaping company where they were selling huge oak stumps for $500 each.

Landscapers were buying the stumps for big expensive houses that needed “something.”

I told him, “Back home in Alabama, we burn stumps like that. I’ve seen big piles full of stumps just like that burn all day.”

He said, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

Now even though I was just a kid, I knew everyone had heard that saying. Then he said, “You should stop burning the stumps and start selling them. Why burn something others are willing to pay good money for?”

The important thing I learned was not that you could make money with stumps; it was that successful people learn to see opportunity in other people’s common problems.

Another time he took me to an auction where we bought three boxes of collectible glass bottles. He bought them for $2.00 a box. He didn’t want all the bottles so he took out the few he wanted and sold the rest of the boxes to me for $3.00 a box.

Then I paid to ship them home.

The lesson was this: buy the pie, pick out and keep the pieces you want, sell the rest, and make a profit.

If you’re going to buy something, buy two, sell one to offset the cost of the one you want to keep, and get one free.

Usually you can buy in bulk and get a discount. Bulk is not two, unless it’s oil tankers.

But that’s another story.

These are just a few core concepts he taught me that have changed my life.

I’ve never met anyone who thinks like Chris Verhaegh.

Neither has Mom or Dad.

He retired when he was 28 and has spent the rest of his life learning and raising four kids with his wife Karen.

He’s also mentored other young men who have been more successful than me. Chris has also taught investors in many cities and countries how to profit in the stock market.

Lately, he’s been sharing his wisdom and knowledge with homeschoolers.

He’s awesome. Don’t miss meeting this guy. If you could only spend a month with him, it would change your life…

Or even just three days.


Make a note on your calendar so you don’t miss this call!

So many books, so little time…

who can’t believe how little things can change your life

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