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Hey guys,

If you have a website, your business will be much
more successful if you understand affiliate marketing
and have your own program.

But you know I believe in
outsourcing so you are not tied to a job, so I also think
you need to have an affiliate manager.

The problem is, that is an emerging industry and there
aren’t many out there at all.If you are looking for one,
here is the only place I knowto look.

If you are fascinated by the idea of affiliate marketing,
the easiest way on the Internet to make money, consider
going to our next conference in Nashville.

And bring a teen or two. They will understand this stuff
better than you! How do you think I know that?

The Super Early Bird Deadline is midnight, Sunday, March 11.

That’s this Sunday.

You can get details here:

I hope to see you April 13 and 14!

So many books, so little time…Rhea!
who is dedicated to creating real school for you

This is it.

Rhea Perry

Rhea Perry

My name is Rhea (pronounced Ray) Perry and I have educated my 7 children since 1987. I'm known as the Community Queen because my business started with a Yahoo! Group in 2002. Now we help others create online communities of their own.
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