Spend the Summer Starting a New Business

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If you have spent the entire school year homeschooling your children, I know you're worn out. They probably are too. So why not do something fun and challenging that will invigorate your family this summer.  You may even make some money! It only takes a few months to start a home business. And with the Read More

Take a Vision Walk

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It's a beautiful spring morning here in southern Tennessee. It's 60 degrees, the birds are chirping in the trees and a slight breeze carries the aromas of freshly-cut grass. As I walked over our homestead this morning, I was so thankful for all that God has provided for my family.   He has given us Read More

Stepping Outside of the Box

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As we're getting ready to head toward Amicalola Falls State Park in the gorgeous north Georgia mountains for our online community's BFF Retreat this weekend, we're getting reports of car trouble from almost everyone who is registered to attend. I was scheduled to take my car in for new tires today but after experiencing the Read More

A New Entrepreneurial Education Community for You!

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In the early 2000s, I hosted a Yahoo! group where people everywhere could discuss how to educate their children to  be entrepreneurs.  Valuable business relationships and long-term friendships were made there. Like-minded homeschooling families shared their success stories and challenges and everyone grew. Many of our families' members have become full-time entrepreneurs and business owners.  It also birthed our home business Read More

My Family’s Search for Freedom

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Remember the Wilderness Family of the 1970s that left life in Los Angeles and moved to the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains? Their dad had dreamed of getting away from the stress and smog of the city and the pressures of his job to enjoy the beauty of nature and the freedom of living off Read More

Don’t Let Christmas Get You Down

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Christmas is supposed to be a joyous time of the year when we celebrate the birth of mankind's savior, Jesus the Christ who was born of a virgin to save us from our sin nature. Sometimes the holidays turn out well. But then there are those things that can ruin it. Whether death, divorce, destruction or just family Read More

Is your curriculum sabotaging your child’s education?

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Laying a secure foundation in your child’s education while operating in the midst of a changing world becomes harder every day. Conflicting worldviews occur even in homeschooling curricula and programs. Cultural changes are the result of generations of public education that have conditioned society to accept relativism as normal. We have all been exposed to The Dialectic Process and will become Read More