Don’t Let Christmas Get You Down

Christmas is supposed to be a joyous time of the year when we celebrate the birth of mankind’s savior, Jesus the Christ who was born of a virgin to save us from our sin nature.

Sometimes the holidays turn out well.

But then there are those things that can ruin it.

random-acts-of-kindness-2[1]Whether death, divorce, destruction or just family disagreements have ruined your holidays, remember that the focus should always be on our Lord Jesus, not on us.

Sure, we can feel sorry for ourselves but just as He gave His life for us, it would be better to give of our selves to others.

  • When you feel down, encourage someone.
  • When you feel poor, give something you have to someone.
  • When you feel sad, make someone laugh.
  • When you feel tired, give someone rest.

Don’t let this holiday season be just another bummer holiday. Decide that you are going to make it awesome!

Go find someone to bless.

If you are alone, invite someone to go with you to something interesting like a Christmas cantata or a Christmas movie.

Don’t let the enemy steal your joy this weekend. Be proactive. Ask God to help you. Ask Him to send you someone who needs you.

Most of all, listen to hear His still small voice as it speaks to you. You may hear Him say, “Today isn’t really my birthday but I’m enjoying the celebration anyway.”

Just make sure He’s invited.

Blessings to you!

who knows that Jesus loves you know matter what

P.S. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, it’s still a miracle that the entire world recognizes Christmas as the birth of a man who was born 2,000 years ago. He must have been more than a man.
He must have been God.

Train Your Children to Have a Proper Work Ethic

Because young people in America today have almost everything they need and want, and don’t have to physically work to help the family survive as they have in past generations, they often don’t have a good work ethic.

Sure, they can work when asked to and may even do their daily chores, like watering and feeding the dog and making their beds, without being told.

childrens-business-fair3-1[1]But I’m talking about real work:

  • Taking the initiative to solve a problem
  • Following through when everyone else has quit
  • Loving co-workers even when they stab you in the back
  • Working happy instead of working mad
  • Managing money so the most people benefit from it well

If you want to learn more about how to get the folks at your house working with the right attitude, we want to invite you to join us for our Business Book of the Month broadcast.

It’s tonight, December 8 at 8:30 PM Eastern Time.

For years, I’ve been encouraging families like yours every day to do two things:

  1. Educate your children to thrive instead of just survive
  2. Build a home biz with multiple streams of in come

The little community that has resulted has become very interactive. We chat every day in our closed Facebook group.

We get together in person once or twice a year at live events planned by my team (who took our training courses.)

This spring, many of our members will be going to our BFF Retreat at Amicalola Falls State Park in Georgia to learn more about building strong home businesses and educating young people to thrive from home.

We’re calling it a “family reunion even though we’re not family.” If you need a family, we’d love for you to join ours!

There’s no other group like ours on the planet.

Well, tonight, we’re hosting our Book of the Month webcast and we’d love to have you join us.

All you have to do is visit Educating for Success and join. It’s just $1 for the first month, then just $19.97 each month thereafter.

Once you join, we’ll add you to the conversation on our Facebook group.

You WILL be inspired by what you learn there! And … you may even make some $!

Let me know if you have any questions.


Is your curriculum sabotaging your child’s education?

Laying a secure foundation in your child’s education while operating in the midst of a changing world becomes harder every day.

Conflicting worldviews occur even in homeschooling curricula and programs. Cultural changes are the result of generations of public education that have conditioned society to accept relativism as normal.

We have all been exposed to The Dialectic Process and will become its victims if we do not understand it.

Dr. Marlene McMillan is a homeschool pioneer, mother of 7, and excellent teacher of what the Bible says about law, government, history, education and economics.

She is also one of my Best Friends.

I’ve asked her to participate in our virtual Entrepreneurial Education Conference at the end of this month.

I’ve also asked her to share with you tomorrow night, Tuesday, Feb. 4, some little-known secrets of choosing curriculum to meet the needs of your family in a session called: Secure Foundations in a Changing World

In it, she will show you the immutable principles that will help you to build your family and future on a firm Biblical foundation.

To join Dr. Marlene and me on this very important webcast, reserve your seat here:

The word “curriculum” means path or direction. If the path you have chosen isn’t sure, the goal your children reach at the end will be off.

Dr. Marlene will help you to learn more about the paths available to homeschoolers so you can make adjustments before it’s too late.

Here’s where you can learn more about the virtual conference to attend BEFORE you attend your local homeschool convention:

At this virtual conference, you’ll learn how to select the right workshops and curriculum materials for your family from successful veteran homeschoolers (many retired) so you’ll save time and money by skipping the trial and error process.

If you’ve been looking for an experienced veteran to hold your hand and walk you through the myriad of decisions to make in homeschooling your child, here’s a whole pile of them all in one place.

Don’t miss this. There’s never been an event like it.



Keep the heart of your children

In seeking to raise young entrepreneurs, we parents should remember to teach our children how to control themselves, not just be controlled.

Many young people begin to notice entrepreneurial stirrings at the ages of 10 to 13.

This is a hard time for teenagers as they change from childhood into adulthood. Even though they won’t admit it, they need us.

Instead of rebuking them for every little action, try listening to them and getting them to communicate with you about how they are thinking.

The #1 job of an entrepreneur is to make wise decisions. Because they usually are responsible for the lives of so many others, they must be able to handle risk.

If they are risk-averse, fear will affect their decisions instead of faith and they will never be all they could be.

As you deal with your children, look for ways to build your relationship instead of tearing it apart when those conflicts and misunderstandings raise their ugly heads.

Encourage them to operate in faith, not fear.

They must learn that by experience.

Your goal is to keep life in your relationship with them, not a stiff-necked false obedience that is really rebellion in disguise.

The relationship with your future grandchildren depends on it.

I hope this note encourages you to make it a great day, no matter what!

So many books, so little time…

who believes our teenagers need us more than anyone

Why YOU should learn to host great live events

Every time I attend a live event, I always learn something and I always meet someone interesting.

And even though I always enjoy myself immensely, I always see things the host could have done differently to make the event:

1. More comfortable for the attendees

2. More organized for the speakers

3. More profitable for the host

That vision comes from experience… and from the Lord.

For the last 15 years, I have attended live professional events of all kinds all over America.

I usually try to go to at least 5 to 10 every year, depending on family circumstances.

And usually I take a few of my children with me.

But that’s not where I learned the “business side” of hosting live events.

One of the events I attended 3 times was a course on the business side of live events.

That 4-day event cost $5,000.

Don’t bother looking for it because the teacher retired.

Another weekend event I attended was on producing live events.

I invested almost $10,000 in all that education.

Was it worth it?


So a few years ago, I started teaching others what I have learned about hosting conferences.

Tomorrow night, Tuesday, March 5, I’ll tell you more about how YOU can host YOUR OWN live events on a special webinar.

If you’re interested, join me here at 8:30 PM EasternTime:

If you’re not interested but know someone who might be, you are welcome to forward this invitation to your friends who love to host great parties!

Oh, and why should YOU learn to host live events?

1. you can share your knowledge and experience with others
2. you can connect wonderful people who need each other
3. you can make a lot of $$.
4. my events are growing and I want to train someone to help me

Want to know more?

Join me tomorrow night at 8:30 PM here:

So many books, so little time…

who can’t wait to tell you more

P.S. Mark your calendar for tomorrow night at 8:30 PM
to join us here:

One of the Joys of Working at Home – Spring on the Farm

I love walking through the woods in the early morning. There are always deer whisking through the woods, birds chirping everywhere and branches down that weren’t there the day before.

But the best part of my walk is the stillness.

There are no cars rushing along, honking.

There are no people arguing and competing for first place for anything.

There are no phones ringing announcing problems to solve.

It’s just quiet.

And it’s peaceful.

Even when the sun is not streaming through the branches on those overcast days, you can still feel peace in the woods.

Yet when the sun sends its rays through the leaves as it did this morning, it is glorious!

All this just couldn’t have happened by accident. It was designed.

Just like in business, too many living things in nature depend on each other in symbiotic relationships. You can’t be successful without a team to make your project work and customers to serve.

This morning, I thanked God for all He has done on the earth as well as what He has done for me.

He continually provides for us, even though we don’t always realize it.

He heals us physically, mentally and emotionally.

And most of all, He loves us.

I am so thankful that I can trust the Designer of the universe to help me manage my small, but multi-faceted life.

He is our Provider. Trust in Him to be all that He is for you.

Entrepreneurial Education Course – Deadline Sunday, Feb. 3, 2013

You know, the reason why most people in the civilized world are not where they want to be financially is because we haven’t been trained to think like entrepreneurs.

If you had business-minded parents, consider yourself blessed.

But the rest of us have been trained to:

1. get a good education (which included college)
2. get a good job
3. marry a good person
4. have good kids
5. live happily ever after (and retire on social security
making less than you made while working)

What’s wrong with that picture?

A: It doesn’t work.

Now you find yourself:

1. still paying college loans after 30 years
2. stuck in a job you can’t quit because of obligations
3. married with serious stress or divorced
4. hopefully with good kids
5. living from paycheck to paycheck

If you want more than this for your children, consider taking our Entrepreneurial Education Course.

It’s for the entire family.

It starts next Tuesday and the deadline to register is Sunday.

If you’re interested, you can learn more here.

Let me know if you have any questions or want to talk. Send me your name, phone number and time zone and I’ll call you.

Do You See as God Sees?

Let’s discuss some eye opening concepts about how God sees your career from a new book this Monday night at 8:30pm ET.

Join the members of our online community for this Book of the Month webcast.

If you’re not a member, you can join for just a dollar here:

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So many books, so little time…

who is on her kids’ annual vacation

P.S. Here’s where to start

Here’s the date for our annual conference

People ask me all the time to give them as much notice as I can about our live events so they can ask for time off from work.

So here is the date for our 2013 Home Business Conference.

Friday – Sunday, August 9-11 2013.

8:30 AM Friday to 5 PM Sunday.

Protege Day for members of our family business coaching program only will be on Thursday August 8 from 9 AM to 6 PM.

If you want to go, put this on your calendar so you don’t schedule over it.

If you think you can’t afford it, let me help you work on that mindset. Ask yourself instead, “HOW can I afford it?”

Then give it to God and watch to see if He provides for you.

He usually always comes through for me!

So many books, so little time…

who loves creating events to help you get the mind of Christ for home education and home biz

Your #1 Priority for 2013

When planning for the new year, the first thing I teach my home business students is to put their family vacations on the calendar.


Start with vacation?

Isn’t that the reward instead of the project?


Always think backwards.

That’s one of Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Having something wonderful to look forward to is very therapeutic.

And vacations are supposed to be fun!

The reasons that so many small business owners don’t take vacations are

1. They are working too much to take the time off
2. They don’t have enough $
3. Both

Rest and relaxing are part of life and you NEED to take a vacation every once in awhile.

The best thing that happens is that your brain disengages from the normal strain of thinking.

If you are working hard, it desperately needs the break.

Now, if you are still sitting there telling yourself you can’t afford it, maybe you’d like to WIN your vacation.

Here’s how you can.

Our online education community is hosting an Online Video Contest.

Deadline to enter is midnight, Sunday, January 13.

That’s coming up soon!

All the details you need are here:

So if you’re interested, get one of your kids or the neighbor kids to check it out and tell you what they need.

Then make it happen.

The storm that’s blowing in this afternoon should create some great winter scenery so don’t miss the photo op!

So many books, so little time…

who really believes you should take a vacation this year

P.S. Win it here: